Sheikh Zakzaky ‘an icon of Justice’, No cry over his detention in Muslim Nations ‘Unfortunate and lamentable’:Waseem Reza Kashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:While expressing sorrow and concern over the continue illegal detention as well as deteriorating health of Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky, Kashmiri Seminary Scholar and Political Activist Waseem Reza Kashmiri said that Nigerian Islamic Cleric has raised the flag of Islam and justice in Africa and, despite all the pressures and tortures, he is still firm in his belief and is living in the hearts of peoples across globe.

In a Statament, Seminary Scholar of Almustafa(Pbuh) International University Howza Elmia Qom and Political Activist Waseem Reza Kashmiri said that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky contribution in upliftment of downtrodden people in Africa as well as uniting them on the basis of humanity is highly commendable and best example for Leaders of Muslim Nations.

Termed Sheikh Zakzaky as the Icon of Islam and Humanity in present era, Kashmir’s Seminary Scholar said “unfortunately there is no cry over the continued detention of Zakzakay and torture which is being carried under state protection. Since 2015 he is in prison and his residence was attacked by army on the day of Quds in Ramadhan and his six sons and thousands of followers got killed on that day. He lost his eye also local regime is violating international laws while denying him from medical treatment also.

He further said that Nigerian Govt led by Buhari is following the dictates of US & ISRAEL because Leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria raised the voice for the freedom of Palestinians and promoted unity among different schools of thoughts.

Called Justice seeking people across Globe to raise voice for the Freedom of IMN Leader Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky. He is not only the Leader of Muslims but Christians are following him with full love and respect. Nigerian President Buhari  is the puppet of US – Israel and he can`t suppress of Truth;he addded

Undoubtly by the efforts of Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky millions got converted to Islam-e-Naab not only he became the of Muslims but Christians are following him with full respect and love.

Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky condemned the acts of Boko Haram and struggled for the rights of Nigerian Nation. It regretted that while Nigeria’s high court ordered the release of the Sheikh and his wife in December 2016, they have not been set free yet; he added

Waseem Reza Kashmiri called on all justice seeking people around the globe to stand up against the stark injustice done to the cleric and Nigerian Muslims and demand the release of Sheikh Zakzaky. Moreover International Community and Human Rights Organizations needs to put pressure on Nigerian Government for the freedom of Leader of IMN and bring criminals of Zaria Massacre to punishment.