Solution of Kashmir lies in its Historical Perspective not through Gun:Aga Reyan Hussain

Speaker call for Unity and logic based Resistance in Kashmir

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Qom:In an important meeting of Kashmiri Islamic scholars, social activists and civil society members held at Qom Iran under the leadership of Aga Reyan Hussain Balhami with an intention to discuss the current ongoing unrest in valley.Spekers condemned the killings and continue curfew in Kashmir.
During the meeting Balhami told the reporters that since last three months the civilian killings and human right violations in Kashmir valley without a pause, depicts the ugly face of Indian democracy and a big concern that so called international organizations meant for global peace are silent at contemporary.
He further added that Muslims should not believe in any organization, created by Zionists and Americans. The U.N.O is a creation of Zionism and Americans meant for their own purposes and use the said international organizations against Muslim world to disturb peace.
Aga Reyan Balhami told that Justice delayed is justice denied.Our state is ruled by the law of Jungle and the concept of justice are in its infancy stage. The Kashmir solution lies in its historical perspective not in the gun point and needs of an hour is a collective political will.

Aga Syed Muzaffar Madni spoke on the occasion and said that ‘The complete collapse of educational system and economic setup will bring a catastrophic effect in the lives of the people and I believe such hooliganism will increase crime rate at broader spectrum in the valley. The common  people in the valley suffer without knowing the reason of there sufferings , while our leaders till yet have failed to chalk out an effective strategy for the betterment, development and for  bringing peace in the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir.’

The social Activist Aga Syed Karar Hashmi told that; ‘History teaches us that every movement depends upon three important components via Leader, aim and clear objectives to acheive that aim. The Kashmir issue is a political one and needs a political solution as per the wishes of the people of Kashmir and as per UN resolutions.  Muslims are globally named as terrorists or terrorists are labelled as Muslims. My million dollar question is that who promoted ISIS, DAISH, Boko Haram, Al Nusra?

Speakers appealed the Kashmir intelligentsia and others influential people to save the Kashmir before it is too late. The unity among Ummah and a constructive resistance can lead us towards the objective.

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