Special attention to presence of women in mosques is the main agenda:Haaj Ali Akbar

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:The president of the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs emphasised on paying special attention to role of women and preparing required facilities for them in mosques.

Referring the annual slogan and strategy of Tehran’s mosques in current year, the president of the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs emphasised on the significant role of women in mosques.

” Some parts of mosques activities are focused on preparing the houses of God to welcome Ramadan holy month. Attention to capabilities and functions of mosques are in order in this month and ‘’Decade of Mosques Veneration’’. We have adopted some policies and special agenda during past years in mosques. This year, we have emphasised on role of women and their status in mosque’’, Haaj Ali Akbari said.

He continued his remarks on importance of facility improvement of mosques and said: ‘’the subject of women presence in mosques, especially during Decade of Mosques Veneration and recognizing the various aspect of this issue is our special agenda during the current year. Furthermore, installation of lifts, curtains and beautification of the special women’s section in mosques will be done this year.

In other part of his words, Haaj Ali Akbari talked about old mosques and problems of aged people with such buildings and said, ‘’ most of old mosques are not suitable and useful for aged people because of their lack in having enough facilities. We have tried to resolve this issue in construction of new mosques. But we have also immediate programs in hand to and resolve the constructive and building related issues in old mosques which have to be done soon.

The Mosques Veneration Decade starts from 20th to 29th Sha’ban month in Iran to prepare mosques to welcome of Ramadan holy month.