Syed Ali Geelani flays JK Government for imposing restrictions on the Muharram Processions

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani flayed the puppet government for imposing restrictions on the Muharram processions, using indiscriminate force against the mourners and detaining them in the police stations, terming these actions as interference in the religious affairs. The government provides all facilities for Amar Nath Yatra and other festivals of the Hindu brethren and gears up its whole administrative machinery for their security.
Referring to the recent rallies in various cities and towns of Jammu province, Syed Geelani said that the saffron brigade and their “army” is provided full official protocol to carry out their agenda. This dubious and hypocrisy is a bolt on the face of so-called democracy.
He said that restrictions and converting the valley into an army cantonment, puts a big question mark on the pseudo secularism of India.
He said that ever after 70 years of Independence Indian Muslims are asked to prove their loyalty and patriotism and whenever they raise their voice, they face the wrath of majority and administration, who treat them as second class citizens.
Hurriyat chairman said that Muslims, instead of being allowed to sort out their issues as per their own Shariyah, are forced to comply the judicial verdicts, thereby paving the way for the common civil code.
He said that their food is being scrutinized, their political affiliations are being probed and now Talaq issue is being questioned, inching towards the saffronisation of the whole populace including Muslims.
Hurriyat Chairman said that Muslims are in majority in Jammu and Kashmir and most of rulers are so-called Muslims, but alas, they have not even a human heart, not to talk of Muslim heart. They feel ashamed and guilty of their Muslim identity when army men are being killed, but feel proud to be Indian, when their forces slaughter innocent people and small school going kids, whom these wicked stooges sarcastically blame of “milk and toffee”.
He further said that curbs and force used on the religious activities reflect the saffranised mindset of the puppet rulers, as these people are favored with power and perks for their allegiance and loyalty to the brutalities of the oppressor to claim authority of people. Once again condemning the local police for their hyper oppressor role, Geelani said that they humiliate and subdue their own people for safeguarding the interests of the ruling class. They have institutionalized the terror and horror to the extent that their own image is mutilated, defaced and they are accredited and recognized as a rude and crude synonyms of the persecutor. Referring to the Moharram,Syed Ali Shah Geelani said that martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA) is an inspiration for the whole Muslim Ummah, especially those striving and fighting the evil and occupying forced. We Kashmiries have also a lesson to learn from the struggle of Imam-e-Hussian (RA) that we should not surrender or compromise our righteous and morally, legally as well as democratically justified cause of freedom and not to lend any support, whatsoever, to the present day “Yazids” who have orchestrated “Karballas” throughout the length and breadth of the unfortunate valley.