Terrorism in any form is highly condemnable

Statement of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump reflects his imperialistic and sick mindset:Syed Ali Geelani

wilayattimes (Kashmir)

Srinagar:10th Dec 2015:Terming the statement of the presidential candidate of Republican party of America Mr. Donald Trump that “Muslims should be completely banned for entering the US” as reflection of his imperialistic and sick mindset, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Shah Geelani said that we strongly condemn the California massacre but the whole Muslim community can’t be held responsible for the actions of an individual.
He said that this kind of shooting incidents are common and a normal episodes in America but these incidents are although usually carried out by the Christen people there so they are not linked with their religion.

In a statement to Wilayat Times, Hurriyat Chairman said that terrorism in any form whether it is by any individual, any group or by the state, is condemnable at every level and no civilized society will allow this act but the terrorism by the state is always most destructive and dangerous.Terrorism at the hands of the individuals and the groups is mostly the reaction of the state terrorism and when the common and unarmed people are pushed to the walls by unleashing extreme atrocities and cruelties upon them, they naturally raise against that and commit excesses.

Geelani sahab said that America attacked Iraq for possessing the nuclear weapons. In that attack, the entire structure of this country was destroyed and lakhs of innocent people were brutally killed there but no evidence of any nuclear weapon was found there. Whosoever and whatsoever was Saddam Hussain but his regime was peaceful and the people were living a secure life.

He said that after observing this entire situation, we found that the ISIS or Daesh is actually the creation of the policies of America and all that which is happening in the Central Asia today is the result of the imperialistic policies of America and not any religious fight.

Geelani sahab said that we in no way are defending or supporting the Paris attack or the California massacre and these are the condemnable terrorist activities in every way but before accusing the Muslims, the policy makers of America should look at the policies of their own country and should review them.

The Kashmiri leader said that the statement of Donald Trump reflects bigotry thinking and this thinking is common in West which is unfair and which has no moral justifications.

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