‘The world has lost a great visionary leader & a loyal follower of Ayatollah Khamenei:Moulana Waseem Reza Qomi AlKashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | May 22: In a heartfelt message of condolence, Maulana Waseem Reza Qomi has expressed his deepest sympathies on behalf of the Kashmiri people to Hujatul Islam Wal-Muslimeen Hajj Agha Mehdi Mahdavipour, the special Representative of the Guardian Jurist for India. Extended condolences to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Iranian people, and the bereaved families following the recent loss of a significant figure.

Moulana Waseem Reza Al-Kashmiri, a prominent religious preacher currently studying at the globally renowned Jamia Al-Mustafa(S) Howza Ilmiya in Qom, Iran described martyrdom-like death of President Ayatollah Dr. Sayyed Ebrahim Raeisi, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Amir Hossain Abdullahian, representative of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Ali Aal-e-Hashim, Governor of Azerbaijan Dr. Malik Rahmati and other guards in a helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan province of Iran as a great loss for humanity in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular. Undoubtedly, this tragedy has saddened the hearts of freedom-loving people and followers of Wilayat around the world.

The Muslim Ummah has lost a pious, courageous, knowledgeable, a faithful and tireless servant, Khadim-u-Reza, defender of Islam and the Qur’an, voice of voiceless, loyal follower of Supreme Leader and a philanthropist.

He highlighted the invaluable contributions of the late President and Foreign Minister, emphasizing that their roles on the international stage especially for Palestine Cause would be remembered with golden words in history.

In his message, he also conveyed wishes for the stability and success of the system of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist (Wilayat-e-Fiqhi), the long life of the Supreme Leader, and the well-being of lovers of Ahlebayat.

This gesture of solidarity and respect underscores the deep connections and shared values between the communities, marking a poignant moment of unity and mutual support.