Time demands unity and stringent action against takfiri Madrasa’s and organizations in Pakistan:Waseem Reza

Kashmiri Seminary Student termed Terroristic attack in Shabaz Qalander Shrine as unislamic and inhuman, Condemned the attack on Syed Tassawur of Muzaffarbad.

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Expressing his anger and sorrow over the heinous terror strikes at the shrine of Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sindh Pakistan and Baghdad Iraq, Kashmiri Seminary student strongly condemned the action by anti Islam forces and said that time demands unity and stringent action to crush the takfiris and their institutions who are promoting hatred and defaming Islam by killing innocents across the globe.

In a statement Kashmiri Seminary Student of Jamia Al Mustafa (S) International University Iran Waseem Reza said that Muslims countries will bleed red every second till takfiri ideologies will not be wiped out from the Muslim territories. Many Madrasas and organizations are the root cause of terrorism in Pakistan and other states who are working on the behest of enemies to misguide youths from the right path of real Islam.These people perform suicide bombing in religious places as the obligatory deed which is highly condemnable by the Deen Muhammad (Pbuh). Islam is the religion of peace, prosperity and providing guarantee of security to all Muslims as well as non Muslim’s.

He said that the terrorists are aiming to weaken the Muslim nations by carrying out atrocious attacks; however, we as a Muslims need to stand united against the menace of terrorism and extremism.Terrorism is one of the worst problems, Pakistan is facing today.

Waseem Reza stated that those involved in these heinous attacks are not humans. Pakistan govt and Army has to take further strong steps to eradicate this disease from subcontinent permanently. He urge upon Scholars of different schools of thoughts in Islam, intellectuals and media houses to play the key role in awakening people about the real teachings of Islam and message of unity.

Seminary Student of Howza Ilmia Jamia Al Mustafa (S) also condemned the attack on Islamic scholar and Secretary of Muslim Wahdat Muslimeen Syed Tassawur Naqvi Jawadi of Muzaffarabad by terrorists and prayed for his speedy recovery. He appealed government of Pakistan Administered Kashmir to provide full protection to the intelligentsia and punish the culprits who are involved in such acts.

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