Top Sunni cleric Molvi Salamai denounces Al-Nimr execution

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Tehran:The representative of Sistan and Baluchistan in the Assembly of Experts, Molavi Nazir Ahmad Salami in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) underscored, “Inviting to good, enjoining what is right and forbidding the wrong among Muslims was the mission of religious clerics and does not no Shiites and Sunnis”.Wilayat Times reports;

“After writing so many letters to Saudi state with this connection, we expect Saudi rulers do not perpetrate such measure,” underlined Molavi Nazir Ahmad Salami leveling criticisms at stances the country has taken to date.

“Muslims are goring through and experiencing a very critical situation,” pointed out the religious cleric stressing most of Muslims’ problems derived from enemies’ hatched schemes which all aim at Muslims’ unity.

“enemies of Islam and Muslims discovered well that the only way for countering Islam, is triggering showdowns and disputations among Muslims,” underlined Sunni cleric went on to add, “On account of Muslims’ ignorance, they succeeded in advancing their willful aims.”

“Unity and solidarity in the Islamic ummah, is a permanent necessity,” noted the representative of Sistan and Baluchistan in the Assembly of Experts.

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