Towering personality Imam Ali (AS) a role model for entire mankind: Molvi Imran Ansari

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Islamic Scholar and Minister for Higher Education, Technical Education, Information Technology, Molvi Imran Raza Ansari  said that life of Hazrat Ali (AS) is a beacon light for entire humanity and his teachings precious endowments for the mankind.

Addressing a gathering at Central  Imam Bargah Zadibal on the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib  (AS),President of All Jammu and Kashmir Shia Association said that the exalted Imam spent his entire life in the way of Islam and in spreading the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

He said that life of Hazrat Ali (AS) was an example for all Muslims and His bravery and way of life serves as an example not only for Muslims but entire humanity.

“Towering personality of Hazrat Ali (AS) had an honour of being born in the house of Allah – Kabba – and also achieving his martyrdom in the house of Allah – Masjid Koofa. He said Muslims would continue to remember him for his services to Islam and mankind until the Day of Judgment,” he added.

He said that there is no match of Hazrat Ali (AS) in his devotion, generosity, bravery, courage and character. “His virtues are an example to mankind and no words are match in expressing them.”

Laying emphasis on following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and Imam Ali (AS) in letter and spirit, Ansari said without following their humane teachings and adopting their way of life, it would be hard for Muslims to come out of the matrix and convulsion that they are caught in.

While paying tributes to Hazrat Ali (AS) for his services toward the entire humanity and mankind and for his selfless sacrifices, Ansari said until achieving martyrdom, he consistently worked for the honour of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and held the baton of Islam high by being a shining beacon of piousness and wrote his name in the Islamic history with the golden ink.

Later Ansari also threw light on importance and blessings of Ramadan. Special prayers were also held for peace and prosperity of the state. He also spoke in detail about the blessings of Ramadan and the Quran.

Other scholars also spoke on the occasion, urging that Muslims to follow the directions of Allah which is the only way to be successful in this world and hereafter.

Later, congregational prayers in remembrance of Hazrat Ali (AS) were held and a rally from Zadibal Imambargah was taken out which later culminated at the shrine of Gulistan Baba Sharief, Alamgari Bazar here.