Unity an eyesore for the enemies of Islam and Humanity:Muslim Unity Council

wilayattimes (Kashmir)

Srinagar/While continuing efforts for promoting Proximity and brotherhood among different Schools of thoughts in Islam,Members of International Muslim Unity Council met with scholars, intellectuals and students at Budgam of Central Kashmir and discussed the current situations of Muslim World.

Speakers on the occasion agreed upon the fact that the enemies of Islam,Muslims and humanity are hell bent on and always conspiring to sow discord among Muslims.However partcipants lauded the role of Muslims in India & awakening movement by shia sunni scholars.

The participants pledged to work unitedly also in Jammu and Kashmir against such divisive forces and conspiracies.

Meanwhile a joint prayer was lead by prominent Sunni cleric Moulana Peer Ashfaq Bukhari in which many shia sunni followers attended the Prayer.

While speaking over the occassion Moulana Peer Ashfaq stressed on the need to join hands and work with zest and zeal to strengthen the Islamic brotherhood and unity.

He also said that Muslim youth have an important responsibility to shoulder in this regard.The need of the hour is to remain vigilant against such onslaught of ‘divide and rule’.

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  • Saif Ali says:

    May you succeed in your holly mission!And May Allah provide all the Muslim unity lovers with the best.It is very necessary today to be united. You may say everywhere Muslims are in trouble,the first and the foremost reason could be the mis understanding,between the Muslims.

    And you might have seen all the prosperous Muslim countries are shining today and living according to the rules and regulations of the Islam only because of unity and co-understanding.Thus every real Muslim youth should unite together to struggle with the taghooot we face in every sphere of our lives here.

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