US Sanctions on Al-Mustafa(S) University embarrassing and Confession of defeat:Waseem Reza Kashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | Dec 16:Reacting to the recent US sanctions on Al-Mustafa(Pbuh) International University of Islamic Republic of Iran, Noted Kashmiri Seminary Scholar and JK based socio-political Analyst Waseem Reza strongly condemned the move and termed the action as illogical, inhuman and unjustified.

In a Statement issued here, young Kashmiri Seminary Scholar at Al-Mustafa(Pbuh) International University Waseem Reza said that Iran from the onset of revolution utilizing all the means and tools legally to establish and promote the “Cultural” and “Educational” ideology across the world. “Al Mustafa (Pbuh) International University, a vast global network of promoting and preparing cavalcade of scholars and missionaries to serve humanity in its real perspective.” The institution having a firm rooted strategy for “Pure Islam” which means to counter arrogant policies of US and Israel. Not only followers of different schools of thoughts learning knowledge through Al-Mustafa International University but non-Muslims also researching about Islam and differentiating the DAESH Islam with pure Deen-e-Muhammad (Pbuh),the religion of mercy.

JK based socio-political Activist said that Al-Mustafa is a globally acclaimed University that imparts knowledge to thousands of students and research scholars all over the world. The institution is promoting proximity among different schools of thoughts and other relligions.

“We expect the international community, UNESCO and all the countries to stand against these irresponsible actions by the US administration,” Reza added

He further described the US sanctions on Al-Mustafa(S) International University as enmity towards education as well as Islam and said that they already prevented Islamic Republic of Iran from the purchase of medicines and food by imposing unjust, illegal and inhuman sanctions and now they are looking for excuses by banning globally recognized academic institution which depicts that US admitted defeat in front of the system of Wilayat.