Water woes are peaking in Khanda Budgam and it’s a ‘bigger crisis than Covid-19 can ever be’

District Administration unmoved , residents neglected from decades.

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | Aga Syed Amin | July 8: For hundred families in Khanda Water scarcity is a big issue especially in  summers while hand pumps and wells are giving no support , Covid-19 has only heightened the stress.

The people of Khanda in District Budgam haven’t had time and luxury to worry about the Covid-19 pandemic, these people have a much bigger to deal with water scarcity ,which has peaked along with the brooding summers and intensive brumal winters.

Due to continuous shortage rainfall from years together most hand pumps in the region have stopped running water, and wells have dried up.

The villagers allege district administration for not paying attention towards their woes , as according to them they’re facing the water scarcity from decades.

“ We went from pillar to post to get our water woes heard but so far now nothing comes right , we have visited every PHE officials but borne no fruit conversely mounted our catch-22 issues of charging Water bills despite the fact that we don’t have even a drop of drinking water available” Ali Khan a resident told Wilayat Times News Service.

The reasons for no availability of adequate water in Khanda Budgam may be different , but the struggle of the residents too different. Forget disinfecting houses and washing hands every hour to protect themselves from Covid-19 , residents have no water even for their basic needs . The problems are compounded now as people work from home ,adding to the demand during day .

“ Since no adequate water available for us , we can’t maintain healthy hygienic in the Pandemics ,where it is necessary to keep hands washing us , the government has been encouraging People to clean their houses and wash hands frequently to protect themselves from Covid-19 , but seems a joke for us , how can we do it when we don’t have enough Water for bathing and cooking”? Asks a woman while breaking her earthen pot , she once used to store drinking water.

The problem of water scarcity is not new for these residents but the new are frequencies of hardships. This prolonged problem has forced the womenfolk to cover the long journey to other villages to fetch drinking water.

“ We are living the life of water scarcity from decades , we see our politicians only during election session with the brimming pomp of consorts to seize the votes ,then the same happens as the fish is looking for the bait , we visited everyone for paying attention towards our water miseries but every one turned with the deaf ear and the blind eye ,thus adding insults to our wounds” said another resident.

The village is now enduring more brunt in health complications of their children and women due to the erratic shortage of edible drinking water.

“Unsafe drinking water has critically hazarding the health development of our children ,our kids aren’t safe they’re experiencing Water-borne illness like typhoid and diarrhea which are main causes of child death, we are caught between the wall and rock .

The unsafe Water due to which the lives of our children are causing fatal consequences triggers much of our sorrows.” Imdad a resident tolf Wilayat Times.

Sultan Malik resident complains that “ A lack of access to safe water and sanitation significantly effected the health of women as well , burdened daily by Water collection and finding a place to go to fetch Water women and girls go on walk to cover long distances spend large amount of times carrying heavy vessels . The physical strain of such activities impact their health especially the pregnant women, the health of their unborn children comes under major risking factors. “ he said