What are the 5 predictions of Imam Khamenei which came true?

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Muslim Ummah and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has made promises and predictions based on his “trust in divine promises” as well as his “correct analysis of the events of the time”; predictions whose accuracy have been proved to everyone overtime. Khamenei.ir presents a review of eight of predictions by His Eminence, along with his latest promise.

(1) U.S.’s defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan

The incident of 9/11 in the year 2001 was used as a pretext by the arrogant government of the U.S. to take military action against Afghanistan and Iraq. Early after their attack, the Leader of the Revolution predicted the defeat of the U.S. in Iraq, stating: “[The U.S.] gained military victory over Saddam, but it does not mean political and cultural victory over the Iraqi nation. April 11, 2003

(2) The failure of the Great Middle East Project

“The Great Middle East Project” was a major plot that the government of George W. Bush, Jr. had designed for taking control over the countries of the region. The 33-day war in 2006 was supposed to provide the prerequisites for the birth of a novel Middle East complying with the goals of the U.S. and the Zionists. However, the analysis of the Leader of the Revolution of “the Great Middle East Project” was different: “What is the purpose and significance of “the Great Middle East Project” which was devised by the dominant clique in the U.S. and essentially directed by the Zionists? The Middle East is a wealthy region. The greed to swallow it does not let them rest. Their purpose is to swallow this region. Of course, they cannot do so. This food will block their throat and will suffocate them.” May 1, 2004.

(3) Bashar al-Assad will become victorious

During the early days and months of the war in Syria, few people imagined that this war would end in the Syrian government’s victory. Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah says in an anecdote: “Early after the unfolding of the events in Syria, I went to Iran to meet with the leader of the Islamic Revolution. At that time, everyone believed that the Syrian government would collapse within a few months. I suggested our point of view and said, ‘If we don’t fight in Damascus, we will have to fight in Hermel, Baalbek, Dhahia, Al-Ghazieh, West Beqaa and southern Lebanon.” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution completed my remarks and stated: “not only in these regions, but also in Kerman, Khouzestan and Tehran, and elsewhere.” He went on to say: “This fight has three axes: the axis of Iran, the axis of Syria and the axis of Lebanon. The commander of the axis of Syria is Bashar Assad, and we should make him win, and he will win.”

Later, while meeting with the families of the martyred defenders of the holy shrines, the Leader of the Revolution said, on this matter: “I also offer this promise to you that the achievements of your sons were extraordinary; a great task. God the Exalted will bless their endeavour and will bless their pure blood and God willing, the enemy will be uprooted.” March 13, 2019

(4) ISIS will afflict the West too

Ever since the first days of the formation of the ISIS, many of the experts on the region argued that the Takfiris would maintain control over the lands they had occupied for several years. Yet, the leader of the Revolution had two different arguments: “one was that the Takfiris would inflict the Americans themselves, and the other was that the ISIS would be soon eradicated. “Europe made a mistake in strengthening the Takfiri [terrorists], and it is afflicted with them today: the people are not secure in their homes and streets. The U.S. is repeating the same mistake.” April 9, 2017

In recent years, ISIS terrorist operations in the west claimed the lives of many Western citizens. Events such as the Charlie Hebdo shooting (2015), March 2016 attacks in Brussels, Orlando nightclub shooting (2016), Manchester Arena bombing (2017), etc.

(5) The miscarriage of the Deal of the Century

For 2 years now, the United States and the Zionist regime have been trying to implement a plan dubbed the ‘Deal of the Century’, to ensure the dominance and superiority of this fabricated regime in the land of Palestine. A plan that has not yet been implemented, although the American and Israeli officials were optimistic about it. But the Leader of the Revolution predicted the miscarriage of this plan from the onset: “The judaization of Palestine is perplex dream they have had. Neither that nor the ‘Deal of the Century’ will be realized.” Jun 5, 2019

The most recent prediction: the perishing of the Zionist regime in the next 25 years

After the JCPOA, some officials of the Zionist regime claimed that thanks to the JCPOA, Iran’s danger for them was neutralized for the next 25 years. About 4 years ago, the Leader of the Revolution responded to this claim saying: “First of all, you will not see the 25 years from today! By God’s favor and grace, there will be no Zionist regime in 25 years from now. Second, during this period of time too, the revolutionary, epic, jihadi and Islamic spirit will not let you leave you in peace even for one single moment!” Jul 1, 2016

Today, 4 years have passed since the prediction of the Leader of the Revolution and the Zionist regime has moved 4 years closer to its destruction.