What Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky said in his appearance after two years

wilayattimes (Nigeria)

Abuja:Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria ‘Sheikh El-Zakzaky’ who is in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS), told journalists on Saturday in Abuja that he is alive.

The view and voice of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, speaking live in the short video clip in the over two years of his illegal detention is very pleasant but falls very short of expectations of his total and unconditional freedom as ordered by the Federal High Court Abuja.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky was allowed to speak to a select section of the Press today for the first time since his illegal detention. That followed recent wave of incessant street actions calling for his release all over the country as well as globally following reports of his deteriorating health condition in detention.

He was obviously seen spotting a neck collar in the short clip released and he was heard confirming that for the first time the security agents allowed him to see his doctors.

Contrary to the security agents’ assertions yesterday, while negating a rumour they themselves started and circulated of his death, that he was “hale and hearty”, the Sheikh said he was getting better, which to keen observers would mean he has been unwell and he was only getting better and was allowed his private doctors to attend to him for the first time in over two years.

The Sheikh had some words of appreciation for all supporters, friends and well-wishers for their prayers.

“It was severe on me on Monday but subsequently it started subsiding and for the first time at least the security allowed me to see my own Doctors.

“So it was my own doctors who examined me. Before I used to be examined by security doctors, this time I did not agree, and my own doctors came to examine me.

“I am getting better, thanks to all your prayers,” the IMN leader said.

In a swift reaction however to the release of the video clip by security agents, the Free Zakzaky Campaign Team berated the Buhari administration for failing to free the Sheikh completely as ordered by the High Court. It says, a free man would not have to be allowed to see his doctors for the first time in several years. The video clip, it insists, falls far short of expectations.

Sheikh Zakzaky has not committed any crime, and his detention under whatever guise and pretence has been ruled by a competent court in our land as unconstitutional and a breach of his fundamental rights. There is no justification whatsoever to be satisfied by a few seconds of video clip of an illegally incarcerated Sheikh.

The Campaign Committee clearly stated that it is absolutely a matter of complete freedom or not for the Sheikh. It therefore resolved to continue with its agitation and campaign to Free Zakzaky, as only a truly free Zakzaky will suffice as ordered by the Federal High Court. It is only a free Zakzaky that can determine, without waiting for permission, where and when to seek medical attention and by whom.