World a dumbstruck over desecration of the Holy Quran `debatable`: Maulana Waseem Reza Al-Kashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | July 05 :Strongly Condemned the continue desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden, Maulana Waseem Reza Kashmiri, a young Islamic scholar of Jammu and Kashmir, said that hurting the beliefs of two billion Muslims and calling the desecration of sanctities as freedom of speech is a lie and a deception against which the voice should be raised at the global level so that the Swedish government adopts a comprehensive policy for prevention by severely punishing the insolent involved in the incident.

In his condemning statement reaching here, Kashmiri dwelled Islamic Scholar studying in Jamia Al-Mustafa (S) Al Alamiya of Howza Elmia Qom Iran, Waseem Reza said that the permission of the Swedish government to burn the Holy Quran is a hollow slogan of freedom of speech and the worst example of it, which a person with human nature , especially a Muslim, cannot tolerate.

Maulana once again reiterated that the world’s silence on this disgraceful incident will have serious negative effects on peace and religious harmony. The Holy Qur’an is not reserved only for Muslims, but it is the book that mentions the divine religions and proves the truthfulness of the prophets.

We call upon the Zealotical rulers and the leadership of the Muslim Ummah to restrict their diplomatic, political and economic relations in order to put pressure on Sweden, because insulting the Holy Quran or any sacred personalities is an attack on our honor or existence against which we cannot remain silent.