Batmaloo and Sopore Incidents `painful`, Safina Beigh demands immediate inquiry & justice

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | September 19:Prominent Women Politician and Women’s Wing President of Jammu Kashmir People’s Democratic Party, Safina Beigh expressed her grief and anguish over the killings that took place in Sopore and Batmaloo.

In a statement to Wilayat Times, Safina Beigh said that such incidents are very painful and deserve condemnation across party lines. She expressed her disappointment over the handling of the two cases by the forces and demanded immediate justice for the families who lost their beloved ones to these acts of brutality.

“No loss of life can be compensated anyway, but I urge that justice be delivered with the victims and it should be thoroughly probed how a lady got killed with a bullet. The killing of batmaloo lady has bring shame to the entire spectrum and it is high time for government to deliver justice immediately. Such killings violate human right values and becomes the reason for India to be in a scale of  rights violation,” said Safina Beigh.

Beigh strongly demanded an enquiry in both the cases and demanded immediate compensation from the government to the families who lost their loved ones. She also said that the black sheep who are ruining the image of India through these acts must be identified and harshly punished for bringing bad name to the country in front of its own citizens.

Beigh expressed her sympathies with the families who lost their dear ones and prayed for their patience and strength in battling the losses that cannot be compensated.

While commenting on Shopian fake encounter, Safina Beigh welcomed the Army inquiry which states soldiers exceeded powers under AFSPA and orders passed to initiate action against the personnel’s.

It is pertinent to mention here that the army said orders have been passed by competent authority to initiate disciplinary action against those involved. “Consequently, the competent disciplinary authority has directed to initiate disciplinary proceedings under the Army Act against those found prima-facie answerable,” the army statement said.

While keeping her faith intact on the inquiry and the delivery of justice, Women’s Wing President of Jammu Kashmir People’s Democratic Party said, “The evidence collected by the inquiry has prima-facie indicated that the three unidentified militants killed in operation Amshipora Shopian were Imtiyaz Ahmed, Abrar Ahmed and Muhammad Ibrar, who hailed from Rajouri and were the missing locals. I am hopeful that justice will be delivered so that the faith on inquiries and probes remain intact.” said Beigh.

She further added that governments in past ordered inquiries and probes to find out the realities in various encounters and protest killings but those reports still remain under the covers of officials and administration. “This time the case is clear, army has spotted the persons involved in this heinous crime. I request government of India to trial them and announce verdict according to the court of law so that the faith of citizens of Jammu and Kashmir remains firm.

While questioning the role of J&K police and the civilian administration in Shopian “encounter” probe, Beigh said, “two months have passed and the result of the DNA match to establish that the three youngsters killed in Shopian were the missing youth from Rajouri is yet to come. How much time will such a test take?”, she asked.

“It is high time that victims should get justice and inquiry aftermath shall be speeded up without affecting due process of law of the land”, Beigh added.