Kashmiri youth not misguided but disenchanted: Tassaduq Mufti

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Pulwama: Asserting that the only legacy he has inherited from his father was the dedication and passion to work for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Tassaduq Hussain Mufti Sunday reached out to the youth of state assuring that he would struggle for their cause.

While addressing youth workers of party at Pulwama, Tassaduq Mufti who is the party candidate for Anantnag-Pulwama Parliamentary constituency said that “Some People say that our youth are misguided but I would say that they may just be disenchanted with dysfunctional system”,

Urging the youth to channelize their energy in a positive manner, Tassaduq said that he had come in the system to try and rectify the wrongs in it. “The main reason for me joining the system is to rectify it and ensure that youth are the real beneficiary of the development process”, he added.

Underlining that the youth of our state are feeling annoyed and exasperated with the system, which has many loopholes, he emphasized, “They feel their aspirations are not secured. There are wide loop-holes in the system that fuel the cycle of unemployment. I want to assure you that your struggle is my struggle”.

Assuring that he will work towards addressing the aspirations of people viz a viz the political system, he said that he would strive to uphold the trust that people have shown in him.

“Earlier business houses staked crores of rupees on my ability as a professional and I have proved myself there and didn’t disappoint those who trusted me. Now people have reposed their faith and expectations in me and I will strive to come up to their expectations”, he said.

Referring to the ongoing development Projects being undertaken by the present dispensation, Tassaduq said that these have to be synchronized to address the problem of unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir.

“When we talk about finances we also refer to Rs 80,000 cr assistance secured by our alliance for the up-liftment of the state from the economic morass. My concern is that this money should be channelized to ensure job creation and improvement in the quality of life for our people”, he said.

Terming ecological conservation as pivotal to sustainable development, he underlined that if sheen of this paradise is rejuvenated the problem of un-employment will be vanquished.

“The haphazard and ugly concrete structures that have mushroomed around in our localities have destroyed the aesthetics of our Kashmir”, he said while emphasizing the need to have special focus on the preservation of natural resources.