Unification and Awakening among Muslim Ummah obligatory and Essential:Allama Ghulam Rasool Hami

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Prominent Kashmiri Scholar and Chairman Karwan-i-Islami Allama Sheikh Ghulam Rasool stated that for the sake of humanity and safeguard of Muslims unification among Muslim is important and necessary. The decision of America to declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Occupies Israel is highly condemnable and this has been done to give rise to the Zionist powers which are both anti islamic, inhuman and this can result in a war, from last Seventy years America has disturbed the peace in almost half of the world. Trump’s Policy has been framed to make Muslims target of Zionist powers. The time has come when all the Muslim countries needs to unite and stand against the anti islam polices of US and its allies.

While addressing a large gathering during Milad Rally at Aasar e Shareef Makhama Magam, Chairman of Karwan-i-Islami Allama Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Hami that zionists powers are trying to create rift among Muslims which can lead towards the destruction of Muslims.

Allama Hami stated that from last three months some people who are sponsored by anti Islamic organizations calling themselves Munazre Islam and many other names are speaking ill about Ahlusunnah and beliefs of Ahlusunnah to create a rift among Muslims and duty of people is to restrain from attending the program of such agents of anti islamic forces. Allama Hami has appealed all the religious scholars of different schools of thoughts in Islam to work on the unification and betterment of Muslims.
Allama Hami further requested every Muslim to work on unification and to safeguard of society from social evils like Alcohol and drugs.
Meanwhile a Shia scholars and Leader of Friday Prayer Magam also delivered the speech over the gathering and urged for unity and awakening among Muslims.