Voting betrayal of sacrifices:Syed Ali Geelani to People

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Reiterating the call for boycott of upcoming parliamentary by election, Syed Ali Geelani said on Sunday asked people to “be consistent about the freedom struggle, show wisdom and valour and remain optimistic”.
“We have presented unparalleled sacrifices for our birth right and are duty bound to safeguard these cherished sacrifices,” Geelani said and asked people to be as committed as during last year’s uprising.
“We need to follow the mission with same spirit and stay away from election drama. People faced bullets, sacrificed lives and scores were blinded,” said Geelani.
“Those vote in election dramas were not only committing an act of treason, their actions were also acting as oxygen for the Indian occupation of Kashmir,” he added.
He said participating in elections amounts to “betrayal of the sacred blood of martyrs and disrespect towards those who were deprived of their belongings, lost eyesight and those who while pursuing the mission were molested”.
“Elections conducted under the shadow of gun is clear sign that India has virtually lost its control and losing hold,” said Geelani.
Referring to pro-Indian political parties, Geelani said that during election campaigns they attribute these elections to “sadak, pani and bijli’’ but “Indian authorities portray these elections as consent from people for Indian hegemony”.

Vote is trust and only those noble souls deserve our consent and support who for the welfare of humanity implement religious obligations like salat and zakat system,” he said.

But many of those contesting these elections, he added, “are involved in corruption, sex rackets, embezzlement and in power promote liquor trade, immodesty and impertinence”.
“The better place for these imposters is jail,” said Geelani.
The veteran resistance leader, who has consistently been opposing elections, said “it is the duty of religious leaders and intellectuals to apprise people about the negative aspect of these elections and make them understand that any kind of vote or support tantamount to betrayal with those who lost lives and eyesight during uprising in 2016”.