Turkish PM Erdogan: Al-Aqsa Mosque is an honor for Muslim Ummah and not only of Palestanians

wilayattimes (Turkey)

Istanbul:Turkish president Recep Erdogan has said that the Aqsa Mosque is an honor for 1.7 billion Muslims and not only the Palestinians, affirming that the Islamic world would not remain silent on the restrictions imposed by Israel on the Aqsa Mosque.

Erdogan made his remarks during a news conference held on Sunday at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport ahead of his departure for Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his itinerary that will also include Kuwait and Qatar.

Erdogan expressed his country’s strong condemnation of Israel’s restrictions at the Aqsa Mosque and pledged to continue making efforts to establish peace in the region and support the Palestinian people’s rights and their struggle for freedom.

“In my capacity as the current chairman of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, I call on Israel once again to act in accordance with the law, the human values and the proper practices,” he said.